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The History Behind the Name

Mr. Karnofsky was a business man in New Orleans. As he made coal deliveries around New Orleans, his son and his son’s friend rode the coal delivery wagon, helping Mr. K with the deliveries. Each day as they passed a particular store, the son’s friend pointed to an old cornet in the window, a cornet he couldn’t hope to buy but longed to play.

One day, Mr. Karnofsky stopped at the store, walked in and came out with the cornet. He handed it to his son’s friend and told him he could work it off. The young man did and went on to play a pretty good horn. His name was Louis Armstrong and Mr. Karnofsky took the time to care about a kid.
It is important for our children to have the opportunity to play a musical instrument. They may not be Louis Armstrong, but the experience will enrich their lives and ours in the process.

Many of us who enjoyed and benefited from being part of a school band program stored those old horns and other instruments in the attic, closet or garage gathering dust.  Now you have the opportunity to put them into the hands of an eager child who could not otherwise take part in a wonderful learning experience. 

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